No last minute meeting-stress!

5 tips to help you organize your event

It seems almost inevitable : last minute stress in organizing your conference, meeting or event! But Creator Meeting Support can help you reduce stress with these 5 practical meeting tips:

1. Pre-print and organize your badges in one of our badge organizers. Creator can design, print and assemble your badges and deliver them on-site so you are immediately ready to welcome delegates with their badges.

2. Use the meeting case to organize and bring all your meeting office supplies on-site. The flexible dividers inside allow you to customize the case to hold exactly all the supplies you need without forgetting anything.

3. Order enough badges and lanyards and return the left-over with the Smart Return Policy. Make sure you will never run out of meeting supplies, while at the same time never pay too much or have unnecessary waste.

4. Use stick-on signaging for any last minute signaging. Changes in the routing, program, etc. can change at any time and creator stick-on signaging allows immediate signaging to notify and inform your delegates. So lead your participants the way at every time! 

5. Pre-pack your conference bags or kits with any type of insert and prevent a huge amount of work on-site. Let creator handle the receipt, storage, packing and on-site delivery so you are ready to hand the out immediately. We can help you create a bag full of useful and customized give-aways to promote a brand, sponsor or upcoming event.